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Jaya Moran



“I was born in the west of Ireland before there was any electricity in the counrtyside. oh how the fairy folk loved the elimental harmony of the land at that time.

I taught myself to read and took to reading ghost stories and whatever I could find on foke lore and the supernatural.  From very young I loved to draw and paint landscape I was totally puzzled by the behavior of people – to get rid of me and my strange questions my mother told me one day to go and find a glass hamor.  My first Zen Kona!  And really it drove me mad – the other deep question in my mind was about the “End of the road” How does a road come to an end and where?  So really I was very introspective from the beginning.

As a teenager fate tool me to America for a few years.  Much of that land is full of enchantment – beloved of the Native American Indians.  I returned to Ireland with a box of oil paints. Trained as a nurse, which awoke me to the limitations of knowledge on health in the modern world. At the time I soon found my true passion painting outdoors, especially in the Aaron Islands and remote corners of the west of Ireland.

The haunting beauty of the land was spellbinding and airy images began to emerge in my art.  The love of the mysterious deepened and I taught myself Tarot.  It was an enormous revelation, at that time.  The Taro totally appealed to my  nature.   Reading tarot became a career – allowing for my innate wisdom and intuition to unfold and to help others.  The fool inspired me to be courageous and to trust.  Soon living “on the edge” became a way of life.

At around 28 years of age I read autobiography of a yogi by paramahansa yogananda, that was it, on fire with the divine and a love of meditation I inwardly searched for my master, behold – Osho, Bhaghwan Shree Rajneesh.  As he saw then known at the time, came into my life.  A rebel master, nontraditional and inviting us to join his commune of friends both in Poona India and around the world.  Sharing and meditation – in an atmosphere of love.  Life and laughter and so I did.  I unfolded and grew in many wonderful ways.  From then on my journey has been one of self enquiry embracing both indie and Irish mysticism.

There came a time of spiritual awakening in Ireland.  There was a yearning in the Irish to discover their own mystical roots as they strove to free themselves from conventional religion.

This was exciting and my heart jumped for joy when i rediscovered the goddess energy of Ireland and her followers – the little people!  I created two books, and decks of cards to honor the ancient myth and mystery of our emerald Isle designing groups and rituals to celebrate the same.  Life experience, meditation personal development and self enquiry have brought peace, a love of the alone and silence.  As for the “end of the Road” and the “search for the Glass Hammer” well these riddles have helped to dissolve my egotistical mind – try one for yourself and see!”


Jaya Moran is the author of the beautifully illustrated set of tarot cards, the Irish Fairy Cards,  now available on iPhone and iPad.


You can contact her at the following address:

jayamoran (@)