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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in eShop, Tourism | 0 comments

Súria Tour

Súria Tour




Súria Tour is an application that allows you to discover the Catalan town of Súria through its history, heritage, local products, nature and its Medieval Trade Fair. There is an entire section dedicated to the Medieval Trade Fair.

There is a generous list of restaurants, accommodation, events and activities. Also, Using an augmented reality map you can discover

the old town (Poble Vell) and you can use it to learn about the amazing geological phenomena which form part of the Geological and Mining Park of Central Catalonia, which belongs to the European Network of Geoparks, a network praised by UNESCO

It also contains a chronometric quiz game with questions you can answer while strolling through the old town and you can use the information given from the points of interest in the augmented reality map, thus looking for clues in the buildings and streets of Poble Vell.



Price: Free


Platforms: iPhone,iPad,iPod touch,Android



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