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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in eShop, Life Style | 0 comments

Fairy Cards

Fairy Cards




‘ Fairy Cards ‘ is an application to do tarot readings with a celtic set of cards, designed and written by Jaya Moran, from Ireland, who, for many years, gave tarot readings, having acquired a deep knowledge and wisdom whilst living in India, near herspiritual teacher, Osho.


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With each reading the user gets in touch with the wisdom of Irish Folklore and its legends about Fairies, Elves, Gods and Goddesses of Ireland, as well as the magic of nature and its sacred places, which are full of inspiration and healing properties.

With this set of cards, each reading helps the user to see the bright side of any situation, thanks to a  good sense of humour and light-hearted stories, full of the wisdom of the enchanted Fairy World. It also guides the user towards acceptance of himself/herself and recognition of his/her life conditions, and then guides the user to make positive changes.

‘ Fairy Cards ‘ also allows the user to play the I-Ching, adapted to the Fairy World. The cards are numbered from 1 to 64. In the I-Ching, 64 is the number of all possible combinations of interaction  between male and female energies in our lives. Similarly the Fairy Cards give an equal honouring of these energies as well as a deep understanding of nature in all aspects – elemental, human, and divine. Each possible combination in the I-Ching is interpreted by one Fairy Card. The I-Ching is played with three coins, and can help the reader to answer questions and make wise decisions. It’s fun, try it!


Price: 4€59/$4,99

Platforms: iPhone,iPad,iPod touch



Free Version

Platforms: iPhone,iPad,iPod touch


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